Best Unlocked 5G Phones Under $300 2024

Buying an unlocked phone that supports 5G is a priority for many smartphone users, especially under a $300 budget for gaming and streaming. Some mid-range unlocked Android smartphones launched as entry models in 5G phone development can be purchased at prices that will fit your pocket in 2024.

What should the best-unlocked smartphone under $300 have?

For under $300 budget you will get a gorgeous display, a great camera, top processor speed, high speed 5G network, 8GB/6GB of RAM, sufficient storage 256GB/128GB/64GB, stereo sound, a long-lasting battery that lasts more than a day, latest Android OS version.

What are the Best Unlocked 5G Phones Under $300 in 2024?

Here is the top list of the latest 5G phone smartphones for under $300 (unlocked) with specifications and details.

1. Samsung Galaxy A33 5G

The Samsung A33 is Samsung’s best sub-$300 Android 5G smartphone. With features, the phone is wide enough to play most mobile games with a 90Hz refresh rate, eliminating lag and providing ample storage for all users.

It runs on the latest Android 12 and has different RAM capacities ranging from 4GB to 8 GB. The camera setup is clear enough to produce great photos and to make up for that, and four come in on the back with a 13MP selfie camera.

This unlocked 5G device comes with a 5000mAh battery that supports 25W fast charging power, so you don’t have to worry too much about power—highly recommended for budget gamers and digital workers who want to get the best 5G device without breaking the bank.

2. OnePlus Node N20 5G

OnePlus Nord has been phenomenal in recent years and has launched some of the best smartphones to challenge famous mobile manufacturers worldwide. One such smartphone is the Nord N20 5G, which was recently released.

This phone boasts one of the best camera configurations on the list. The 64MP wide camera is crystal clear, and the sharp 16MP selfie camera stares at you when you hold the phone.

This is not surprising since OnePlus is one of the few mobile manufacturers to offer excellent mobile photography features in their products. It also has a 6GB RAM capacity and a 128GB storage volume right out of the box to keep your phone safe.

Gamers won’t be left behind with a 6.43-inch display screen that refreshes at a rate of 90Hz, showcasing the productivity of Android 11. Unlike most mid-range Samsung Android, this OS on the N20 5G is not upgradable to Android 12.

The last thing you must worry about is battery life, which shouldn’t be an issue considering the 4500mAh battery charges quickly at 33W.

3. iPhone SE 2022

Apple’s smallest and lightest phone is also the cheapest. Yes, it is compatible with 5G. This 4.7-inch phone shares many similarities with its more extensive and expensive sibling, including excellent marks for stills, selfie cameras, and video quality.

The unlocked iPhone 3rd generation from Apple has excellent battery life that lasts about 30 hours. If you want to avoid Android 5G devices, the iPhone 5G will come to mind first, then other $300 5G unlocked devices.

4. BLU F91 5G

The BLU F91 5G is the latest and greatest 5G unlocked Android phone for gaming, business, and home use. Since BLU unlocked phones are every American’s first choice, BLU quickly understood the heartfelt wishes of millions of customers and launched a complete package of 5G phones for gaming within budget.

The phone runs on Android 11 and comes with 8 GB of RAM and a large storage capacity of 128 GB. You can store all the files you want on your device and have plenty of space to store other information later.

It also has a large screen of 6.8 inches and the highest resolution on the list, with 1080 x 2460 pixels. The camera setup also stands out with four rear cameras led by a 48MP wide camera and a 16MP selfie camera on the front.

The 5000mAh battery capacity allows fast charging via wired (18W), while wireless (10W) means leaving the phone constantly on. The Blu F91 5G is one of the leading 5G phones under $300 on Amazon.

5. Samsung Galaxy A13 5G

The Samsung Galaxy A13 5G is another affordable 5G mobile that offers good features than it costs. The phone is decent in parts and inexpensive, costing less than $300.

It initially runs on Android 11 but can be upgraded to Android 12 for optimal mobile performance. The screen display size is standard at 6.5 inches and has a relatively low resolution of 720 x 1600 pixels, but you can still enjoy your favourite mobile games.

The camera quality is excellent, with a 50MP wide camera and two other rear cameras of 2MP each, making every picture worthwhile. This feature is limited to a stable battery life of 5000mAh to ensure you never run out of power while enjoying a unique mobile experience with A13 5G.

6. OnePlus 8T+

The cheapest phone on this list, the OnePlus 8T+, has a lot of goodies. This model received an excellent rating for the performance and quality of its 6.55-inch display.

It offers four cameras on the back, 48-megapixel central, ultra-wide, zoom, and monochrome lens options, and it performs very well in our video quality tests. Still, and selfie image quality is rated Good.

The battery offers 23.5 hours on a single charge, which is below average for a phone these days.

7. Nokia G50 5G

Nokia is known for producing the world’s cheapest top-of-the-line phones, one of the common trends among Chinese companies.

Nokia certainly took a while to put the G50 together, and the large 6.82-inch display screen is just what the device needs to complement it.

Many smartphone users’ reviews highlight the impressive Nokia G50 mobile performance. It seems to be enriching the minds of its users with smartphones that are beautiful enough to give goosebumps, from impeccable sharp cameras to excellent battery life.

The choice of RAM and ROM depends on you and your budget, as you can choose between 4GB or 6GB and 64GB or 128 GB. The Nokia G50 5G has quickly sold for under 300 dollars.


We showed you the best phones for under $300. This was our pick for the best-unlocked smartphones for 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best-unlocked smartphones under $300?

A phone with at least 6GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, and a 48MP rear camera can be called the best-unlocked smartphone under $300. There is also a list of the best-unlocked phones under 300 dollars on this page.

What is the cheapest Samsung Galaxy 5G phone?

Boasting a 6.5-inch 1080p 90Hz display, the Galaxy A13 is now Samsung’s cheapest 5G unlocked phone in the US. It also packs a 50MP primary camera and a 5000mAh larger battery with 25W fast charging.

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