About US

Smartphone Under is a website created by Diana that aims to provide a comprehensive online
resource in an easily comparable way with the most detailed and accurate smartphone

In addition, we publish the latest and most important information about
smartphones. We also write the most in-depth budget smartphone reviews with measurements,
tests, benchmarks, charts, diagrams, software screenshots, and more.

Smartphone helps users to choose the best cell phone under their budget. You can see your
mobile’s full features, specifications, and prices. We have good expertise in all top smartphone
companies like iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, Motorola, Infinix, LG, Realme, Vivo, Sony, Oppo,
Nokia, etc.

Here we also divided the availability of each smartphone. It provides valuable information such as self-care and service information, realization date, full function, feature image, background image, and other necessary details.

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