5G Not Working Samsung: How to Fix it?

Samsung Mobile is the first in line to select 5G networks. So, if your Samsung mobile supports 5G, it will first connect to the 5G network. But what if 5G is not working on your Samsung Galaxy phone?

When I first bought the Samsung phone, I thought 5G would connect automatically. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen. You are probably one of us facing 5G connectivity issues.

How to Fix 5G Not Working on Samsung phones

Do not worry. Found the source of 5G not working on Samsung and its solutions. So read this article carefully, and you can fix your 5G not working problem in a few ways.

How to fix 5G Not Working in Samsung phones?

1. Restart your Samsung phone

If you cannot connect to the 5G network, restarting your phone will solve the problem. Restarting the phone will give the system a fresh start.

So, if you cannot connect to the 5G network, restarting your phone will hopefully solve the problem. The cell phone’s network IC picks up radio waves from the cell tower.

If you continue to use your phone, the Network IC will get hot, and the Network IC, which gets hot, can’t catch 5G radio waves all the time.

After restarting the phone, the temperature of the network IC will be lowered, and the phone will catch the 5G signal.

samsung 5g not working

To restart your phone: Press & hold the Volume Down and Home button simultaneously for seconds. Your Samsung will resume after this.

2. Turn on/off airplane mode

You can use it to troubleshoot network-related issues on your Samsung Galaxy phones. Airplane mode temporarily disconnects you from external networks.

How to fix 5g not working on samsung phones (1)

Disabling will restore connectivity as usual. That’s what you need to do here. Turn on airplane mode, wait a few seconds, and turn it off. That’s it.

3. Check the SIM slot

Sometimes, your mobile device may experience poor performance if your Sim is in the second slot instead of the first.

5g not working samsung in 2023

Some dual SIM phones do not support 5G on either SIM. Also, the first SIM slot of the phone is more powerful than the second one.

  • Turn off your phone
  • Open the SIM slot and see where the SIM is
  • If the Sim is in the second slot, move it so it is in the first slot.
  • Turn your phone back on.
  • Mobile can now connect and perform better.

4. Update the Phone’s operating system

Updating the phone operating system will remove most network bugs. If 5G is not working on Samsung due to a bug, updating the OS will fix the problem.

why is 5g not working on my samsung phone

Here are the steps to update your phone’s software:

  • Go to settings
  • Select Software Update.
  • Tap download and install.
  • Update phone OS.

5. Check Network Package

To connect to the 5G network, the 5G service must be activated in the package. So check if your carrier offers a 5G subscription. Otherwise, 5G service cannot be used on the mobile phone.

6. Reset network settings

Sometimes anonymous adjust network settings, which may cause 5G network connectivity issues. So resetting the network can fix Samsung’s not working 5G. Here we used a Samsung device.

samsung phone not connecting to 5g

Here are the steps to reset network settings on your Samsung phone.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap General.
  • Please scroll down to the Reset button and click it.
  • Tap reset network settings. reset-network-settings
  • Choose OK.

I hope you have learned how to fix the 5G not working on Samsung phones. Here are some things why this issue occurs.

Why is 5G not working on my Samsung Mobile?

Your phone may not be able to receive a 5G signal if you are out of coverage area. Again, your old Sim card may not support 5G service due to outdated hardware. Also, if your current plan doesn’t include 5G service, you won’t be able to connect to a 5G network.

1. Data plan

You must use a data plan that includes 5G network service. If the package does not include 5G service, it cannot connect to the 5G network. So, if you can’t connect 5G with your phone, check your network plan first.

2. Applied area

5G networks do not cover all areas. You must be in the area to use 5G network services. Therefore, when facing 5G connectivity issues, you should check the 5G coverage area.

3. Old SIM

Old Sim cannot always support network updates. 2G SIM will automatically update to 3G, and 3G SIM will automatically update to 4G; the same goes for 5G.

A 4G Sim will automatically update to 5G. However, a 3G SIM cannot be upgraded to 5G. SIM replacement is required to get 5G network coverage.

4. Cell tower distance

5G waves won’t reach your phone if you’re far from the nearest cell phone tower. Cell towers change quickly when driving back. Currently, the phone cannot connect to the 5G network.

5. Block signal

You may face signaling blockages in industrial or commercial areas. Commercial areas are densely populated with buildings obstructing the 5G signal.

6. Weather conditions

Severe weather conditions, such as storms or lightning, disrupt network propagation. 5G waves can collide with lightning or send the wind in the opposite direction. Therefore, you may have difficulty connecting to the 5G network in a storm or natural disaster.


Samsung ensures that its phones support 5G to provide optimal use while staying up to date with the fast pace of ever-improving technology. We hope this guide has provided enough fixes to get 5G working again on Samsung without further delay.

Here are some most asked questions with answers to clear your confusion.


Do I need a 5G SIM card for my 5G phone?2

If you have a 4G SIM, you can use 5G on 5G devices. However, if you have a 3G SIM, you must replace it to use the 5G network.

Why is my Samsung phone not receiving 5G?

5G connectivity may not have been added to your service plan. Contact your carrier to make sure you have the right service plan.

Ensure you’re using the SIM card with your device or a 5G-compatible SIM from your carrier. Older SIM cards are not compatible with 5G plans.

How to use 5G on my Samsung phone?

If you have a 5G device, you may want to force your phone to 4G/LTE or 5G only. Toggle back to automatic selection mode:

  • Go to phone settings.
  • Go to SIM & mobile settings.
  • Choose your mobile network.
  • Choose your preferred network.
  • Leave it as AUTO 5G/4G/3G.

Do I need a new SIM card for 5G?

You need to update your SIM to get the best network experience. Will changing the SIM get better 5G coverage? By changing the SIM, you can access both standalone and non-standalone 5G when using compatible devices.

How do I know if 5G works on Samsung?

Open the Settings application on your phone, and tap Network & Internet. You will see Mobile Networks. Tap it to display a list of network technologies under the Preferred network type option. If 5G is supported, it will be said as 5G.

What if I put a 4G SIM card in a 5G phone?

A 4G SIM can work on a 5 G-based phone. However, it would help if you remembered that you couldn’t take full advantage of 5G features. To take full advantage of the 5G network, your 5G phone must have a 5G SIM.

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