Motorola Old Flip Phones

Motorola has produced several flip phones over the years, so it’s difficult to know exactly which one you are referring to. However, here are some of the most popular old Motorola flip phones from the past.

Here is a general review of Motorola’s old flip phones you can get in 2023:

1. Motorola StarTAC

old motorola phones 1998
old Motorola phones 1998

The Motorola StarTAC was the first flip phone to hit the market in 1996. It was trendy due to its slim design and flip form factor. This old Motorola flip Phone was also lightweight, with a battery life of up to 3 hours of talk time.

It was a popular choice for businesspeople and became a status symbol. However, the phone lacked a color screen and had limited features compared to modern smartphones.

2. Motorola V60

Motorola Old Flip Phones

The Motorola V60 was released in 2002 and was popular among business professionals. It featured a color display and advanced messaging capabilities.

3. Motorola RAZR

The RAZR was one of the most iconic flip phones ever released. It was released in 2004 and became an instant hit due to its sleek design and slim profile.

Old Motorola flip phones

Its slim design, sleek metal casing, and futuristic styling made it one of the most popular flip phones ever.

It had a color screen, Bluetooth connectivity, and a camera, which were considered advanced features at the time. However, it lacked a full QWERTY keyboard and was less available than modern smartphones.

4. Motorola V3

The Motorola V3 was also released in 2004 and was known for its slim design, metallic finish, and clamshell form factor. The Motorola V3, also known as the Razr V3, featured advanced features such as a camera and MP3 player.

Motorola flip phone old

It had a 2.2-inch color screen and a VGA camera. The V3 old Motorola flip phone was famous for its sleek design and durability.

5. Motorola i730

Motorola phones 1990s
Motorola phones 1990s

The Motorola i730 is a mobile phone that was first released in 2004. It is a flip phone designed for rugged use and is known for its durability and long battery life.

6. Motorola V3i

The V3i was an upgraded version of the RAZR, released in 2005. It had a better camera, expanded storage, and added features such as Bluetooth and a music player. However, it still lacked the functionality of modern smartphones.

7. Motorola KRZR

Old Motorola flip phones for sale in 2023

The KRZR was released in 2006. It had a sleeker design, a better camera, and more storage. It also had a music player and Bluetooth. However, like other old flip phones of the time, they lacked the functionality of modern smartphones.


Overall, Motorola’s old flip phones are still popular due to their sleek designs, durability, long-lasting battery, and advanced features for their time. They became cultural icons and paved the way for modern smartphones.

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