Is it Okay to Use iPhone While Charging?

The iPhones have powerful hardware and high-quality screens, but the battery is weak. This is especially true for models released a few years ago, such as iPhone 14 Pro Maz. Therefore, the user may pay attention to the battery life and use the iPhone while charging.

In this article, we will answer you and inform you how to claim your iPhone correctly, the rules to follow, the things to avoid, and more about iPhone’s battery.

Is it Okay to Use iPhone While Charging?

No, it is recommended not to use iPhone while charging. The user wants to know what happens when using the iPhone when charging. In fact, at first, there is no adverse effect.

Is it Okay to Use iPhone While Charging in 2023?

Overheating begins to worsen the battery. The smartphone becomes very hot during the game or other power consumption processes.

If overheating occurs regularly, the condenser begins to experience difficulties. This appears in the following way. The mobile device has a low charging capacity, a faster discharge, and a long time to charge.

Therefore, it is not a good idea to play the game, record, and edit videos, or watch a movie while charging. Sometimes you can navigate the Internet, send a message, or call. The iPhone doesn’t get too hot in these activities, so the battery doesn’t have difficulty.

Another critical point is whether using a cell phone while charging is not good. If there is damage, it is mainly in the battery itself. It is perfectly safe to use iPhones while humans are charging.

Rules that use iPhone to preserve battery life:

There are several essential rules that the iPhone owner must comply with.

Rules that use iPhone to preserve battery life

1. Do not put your iPhone in direct sunlight or near an object. Temperature over 35 ° C is very damaging to the battery. If there is open air nearby, do not charge the smartphone.

2. Do not turn on the iPhone in extremely cold -put it in an inner pocket or bag.

3. Recharge with only the charger that comes with your phone. If you are lost or damaged, buy the same original charger and lightning cable from Apple.

4. Keep the battery charging level between 20-80%. Do not charge the phone to 0% or 100%. This allows the phone battery to get older.

5. The iPhone charging is undesirable during use. First, complete the work, then connect the phone to the power. Many people ask if playing the game while charging the iPhone is okay. This is not the answer. While charging the device heats and plays the game, it gives additional stress.

6. Keep in mind the wear level of the battery. The remaining proportions can be seen in the settings. If the battery capacity is less than 80%, it is recommended to replace the battery.

7. You need to replace the battery every two years. After the first two years, the capacity will be significantly reduced, and the fire risk will increase.

How to charge your iPhone correctly?

It is straightforward to charge the iPhone. It is no different from charging other telephones, including Android phones. As soon as the charging level drops to less than 20%, you will be notified that you need to connect your phone to the power source.

Do not wait until the battery is broken and the smartphone is completely discharged and turned off. You can charge your iPhone as soon as you receive the notification. The charging level should be 15-20%. Do not charge iPhone to 100%. If you reach 70-80%, you draw a plug.

How to charge your iPhone correctly?

The total discharge is 0% and 100%, and charging can be performed once a month. This is a battery correction and is not necessary for Li-ions.

It is also recommended that many experts should maintain the charging level between 40-80%. These are ideals, but it is challenging to comply with them because it is always impossible to recharge and plug plugs on time.


How to check the remaining battery capacity?

The iOS operating system shows the remaining battery capacity, so you can quickly switch the battery. This item is displayed in the settings. There is no need for additional software installation. To find the rest of the capacity, you need to do the following:

  • Open Settings and select the Battery section.
  • Switch to the battery state tab.
  • Look at the full capacity line. If the mobile device is new, 100% is provided. After two years of use, the figure can drop to 80%.
  • You need to change the battery if 75-70% is displayed. You can replace the battery at the Certified Service Center.

How can I extend the iPhone battery life?

To extend your iPhone battery life, you can reduce brightness, refresh speeds, turn off positions, and reduce wireless networks such as Bluetooth, NFC, Hotspot, and Wi-Fi.

Is it safe to use while charging if my iPhone is not hot?

That’s right. Nothing can cause severe damage. Even if the iPhone is connected to power, it is safe to search or chat on the web on social media. The most important thing is to avoid overheating.

Also, make sure that there is no heat or water nearby. If you use the phone in the bathroom without following the safety rules, you can pass the water and get an electric shock.

What happens if you leave charging overnight?

It is not a good idea to charge the iPhone all night. You can’t monitor the fare rate, and if you charge your smartphone quickly at 100% +, you will continue to improve yours further.

The built-in mechanism blocks the current supply, but there will still be some heat. Therefore, it is perfect for charging your smartphone when you can keep an eye on your iPhone.

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