How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy M32 5G?

Taking a screenshot is essential when you want to show something to your friends, get good information from the internet, and save the information page to a card. No problem. Today’s article will tell you how to quickly take a screenshot of Galaxy M32 5Gy.

Best Ways to take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy M32 5G phone

To take a screenshot of the Samsung Galaxy M32 5G, Press and release the volume down button + side key (power button). Captured screenshots are saved in Gallery App > Screenshots folder.

Take a screenshot with Google Assistant voice.

You can also use Google Assistant for screenshot purposes. You can also invoke the Assistant by sayingHey, Google” and asking it to take a screenshot.

You can also instruct more complex tasks. For example, tell one of these assistants, Take a screenshot and share it on her Facebook.

Take a screenshot with a palm swipe across.

The Samsung Galaxy M32 5G mobile phone has many useful features. However, many Samsung users love the ability to quickly take a screenshot with a palm swipe across the phone’s display. If you’re not used to swiping with your Palm to take a screenshot, it may take a bit of practice before activating it.

Hold your phone firmly when using this gesture. The phone may tip over if you try on a table or don’t hold it firmly. This gesture requires you to touch the screen, so your Palm must be in firm contact with the screen, and you must swipe.

The captured screenshot resolution corresponds to the screen resolution of your Samsung device. You can edit screenshot photos like any other photo or image. A screenshot album (folder) is created by default, just like the camera album.

Tap the Screenshot icon.

Go to the screen or application on Samsung where you want to capture the screen.┬áSlide your finger down from the top of the screen and tap the “Screenshot” icon to open the notification or quick settings bar of your Samsung Galaxy M52 5G. Captured images are automatically saved to the gallery of your Samsung phone.

You can find the image gallery on the home screen. Must have photo icon, instant photo. Alternatively, your image gallery application may be Google Photo, depending on the software version installed.

How to Capture Full Page on Samsung Galaxy M52 5G?

If you want to capture an entire webpage on your Samsung Galaxy M52 5G, first, you should know that this method is unavailable natively on Android. Still, Samsung has incorporated it into their One UI custom layer.

To take a scrolling screenshot from a web page, WhatsApp conversation, or any other application on your Samsung Galaxy M52 5G. The Capture and Screen Capture menus appear for a few seconds when taking a screenshot. Click “Scrollshot” and wait as you scroll on the screen capturing all the content before it disappears.

When you want to crop the Screenshot, click on the screen to stop it. It can block the system by creating an image that is too large.

When shooting is complete, it is saved to the Galaxy M52 5G image gallery and can be edited and shared on social media.


Hopefully, this taking Screenshot of the Samsung Galaxy M32 5G article is valuable and good for you.


How to enable a palm swipe screenshot on a Samsung phone?

1. Press and release the Side and Volume Down keys from any screen.
2. This method allows Samsung phone users to take screenshots simply by swiping their Palm across the screen from the right edge to the left.

Aside from pressing the side and volume down keys, you can try screen capture this way! To do so, please check the steps below to enable it.

  • Just open Settings.
  • Tap Advanced Features.
  • Go to Motion & Gesture Options
  • Swipe with the Palm of your hand to capture.
  • Tap the toggle to activate this feature.


  • In Settings, tap Advanced Features.
  • Now hit the Screenshots & Screen Recorder option.
  • Screenshot Toolbar: Displays additional options after taking a screenshot.
  • Hide status and navigation bar: Don’t show the status or navigation bar in screenshots.
  • Delete Shared Screenshots: Automatically deletes screenshots shared via the Screenshots toolbar.
  • Screenshot format: Choose whether to save the Screenshot as a JPG or PNG file.

How do I manually take a screenshot on my Samsung?

This is the most common way to take a screenshot on Android, which works on most Samsung devices. As mentioned above, open the screen you want to capture and simultaneously press the power and volume down buttons.

How to turn on three-finger screenshots on Samsung M32 5g?

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