How to Enable 5G on iPhone 14 Series in 2023?

The iPhone 14 is Apple’s newest phone, launched in September 2022. Enabling the 5G network on iPhone 14 series is an easy processor, but knowing which iPhone models support 5G can be confusing. The more comprehensive response is that there are a few things to remember when buying an iPhone compatible with the 5G service you want.

Some service providers are starting to roll out 5G services worldwide. So choose your carriers wisely.

Does the iPhone 14 have 5G?

Yes, Apple iPhone 14 series is now configured to use 5G networks.

How to enable 5G on iPhone 14 series?

Here are some simple steps to enable 5G on iPhone 14 without any problems:

How to enable 5G on iPhone 14 series?

  • Open Settings on your iPhone 14
  • Find and open the Cellular tab
  • Now click on the Cellular Data option
  • Then click on Voice and Data
  • You can now switch to 5G or stay with 5G Auto
  • Enable 5G on iPhone 14
  • That’s it; your iPhone 14’s 5G has been enabled.

The iPhone 14 series is enabled by default, but 5G Auto is still disabled (even if available). Utilizes what Apple calls smart data mode, which aims to automatically find the best compromise between battery life and 5G/LTE.

It’s also important to note that the default settings are already optimized for battery life and data usage. If you want to turn off 5G on your iPhone 14, we recommend switching to LTE instead. Then you can use 4G.

How to boost 5G on iPhone 14?

Enhance 5G network on iPhone 14 series

Consider this simple setup if you want to enhance your 5G network further on your iPhone 14 series.

  • Open Settings on your iPhone 14.
  • Find and open the Cellular tab.
  • Now click on the Cellular Data option.
  • Then click Data Mode.
  • Now change from Standard to Allow more data on 5G.
  • 5G improvements on iPhone 14.

You can also try this setting to improve your 5G network or reduce your device’s data. Still, Apple’s iPhone has always lagged behind cutting-edge 5G technology.

Advantages of using 5G on iPhone 14 series

More data is transmitted over shorter distances in 5G than in 4G LTE. This improves overall speed and consistency even as the network moves.


Everything you need to know about using 5G on iPhone 14/Pro/Pro Max, including how to enable 5G, optimize and disable it. Where possible, 5G networks will provide increased network speed and connectivity. We hope you find this helpful information.


Why doesn’t my iPhone 14 show 5G?

One of technology’s great mysteries is that 5G may not turn on your device, which could explain why you’re unable to connect. You can depend on 5G on your iPhone by visiting Settings’ Voice & Data area. Search for your preferred network type. Restart your phone.

Is 5G better than LTE?

5G has lower latency than LTE. The 5G standard significantly increases download latency on devices such as autonomous vehicles that rely on reliable, low-latency connections.

Why is my 5G not working on my iPhone 14?

By opening the Settings app, you can check if 5G is enabled on your iPhone. Go to Cellular and Cellular Data Options and make sure 5G is enabled.

Will 5G use more battery on my iPhone 14?

If your iPhone has trouble finding a solid signal on any network, it will use more battery. This is much more likely with the current minimum range of 5G. The bottom line is that using 5G under appropriate circumstances can drain more battery power than 4G.

Can I turn off the 5G iPhone 14?

You can customize these options for when to use 5G and how much data some apps will use. However, you can manually turn 5G on and off your iPhone 14 within Cellular Settings to optimize speed or battery life.

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