How Long Are Phones Supported?

If you’re currently using a phone released a few years ago, you may wonder if it is still supported by the manufacturer and is getting the updates it needs to keep pace with the modern era. Let’s read the answer.

How long is my phone supported?

Most phones are supported for 2 to 5 years, so that you will get security and system updates within this period. For iOS devices, Apple smartphones tend to get updates for around five to seven years.

What is the duration of brand-wise phone support?

There are some of the most popular manufacturers that you should know about.

1. Apple iPhones

iPhone owners are entitled to service and parts from Apple service providers, including Apple retailers and independent repair providers, for at least five years from when Apple last distributed the product for sale.

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2. Samsung

Samsung releases many Android devices, but not all receive the same amount of updates. Updates are released on a monthly, quarterly, and bi-annual schedule. Newer Samsung devices get updates more frequently. Devices released after 2019 will receive four years of security updates, while newer devices will receive up to 5 years of security updates.

In addition to these security updates, Samsung offers four Android upgrades for most devices. A list of those devices can be found on the Samsung website, including the latest models in that series.

The simple answer for most Samsung devices is that they offer 4 Android upgrades and five years of security updates.

3. Google Pixel

The support schedule for Pixel devices can be found on the Google website. Starting with the Pixel 6 series, newer devices get three years of Android upgrades and five years of security updates. Pixel 5a through Pixel 3a receive three years of Android upgrades and security updates. Pixel 3 and earlier Pixels are no longer supported.

If you own a Google Pixel, you are considering a three to five-year support period.

4. OnePlus

OnePlus 8 and later devices receive three years of Android upgrades and four years of security updates. Older devices get two years of upgrades and three years of security updates. The Nord series offers one year of upgrades and three years of security updates.

5. Motorola

Motorola is one of the most lacking update strategies among Android makers. It depends a lot on the device you have. Newer devices get 2 Android upgrades and three years of security updates.

6. Sony

Most Sony phones come with two years of Android upgrades and security updates. Sony doesn’t provide much information about the updated schedule.

7. LG

LG stopped its smartphone business in 2021, but phones released after 2019 will receive Android updates for three years.


Which Android phones are supported the longest?

The company says users of the latest Samsung smartphones and tablets will receive new Android OS updates over the next four years through 2026. This means that Samsung smartphones offer the longest update cycle of any Android smartphone manufacturer worldwide.

What is the oldest iPhone still supported by Apple?

The oldest handset supported by iOS 13 is the iPhone 6s, with iOS 14 and the latest iOS 15. It’s good to know that Apple supports the last three versions of iOS for bugs and security updates. So, your iPhone is guaranteed to be running iOS 13 or later. iPhone 6s or later in terms of the device model.

What if my phone is no longer supported?

If your phone is old, you may not notice it right away. Perhaps the most obvious sign that you are using old software is when you are looking for a new app to download. Many apps are incompatible and cannot be installed due to software and hardware limitations on your phone.

What does it mean that your phone is supported?

Once your device is supported for a certain period, you will receive security updates to protect your device from malicious attacks and vulnerabilities in older software. It also refers to an operating system (OS) update that changes phone features and makes it easier to use.

To exploit vulnerabilities in cell phone software, you must receive constant updates from ever-evolving security threats. Most smartphone manufacturers usually release more security updates than OS updates.

Most operating systems already have all the features you need, while new security vulnerabilities must be patched. However, over time, phone manufacturers inevitably end up supporting them because the hardware is outdated, and users usually want to upgrade to a newer model.

If your phone is no longer supported, you will no longer receive new security and OS updates, but you can still use it normally. Nevertheless, the risk of your phone being hacked increases over time, so buying a new phone is a good idea.

Is it safe to use a phone that is no longer supported?

Even if your phone no longer receives new security updates, it should be safe to use it as long as you are careful enough from the web and only download apps from places like the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

This is especially true if you can’t afford to buy a newer smartphone every two or three years and only use the device for basic functions like messaging and calling others.

If you use your mobile device to browse a few trusted websites a day or play games downloaded from the app store, your risk of your phone being hacked is minimal.

On the other hand, if you continue using your phone for several hours a day, you may download files from other sites or access your bank frequently from your phone. You no longer get new security updates.

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