How to Fix Google Pixel Volume Lowers Automatically?

Google Pixel users recently got the June update for their devices. This update brought several issues that need to be fixed quickly, and one of the issues is ‘Google Pixel volume lowers automatically.’

For several weeks, the Volume has been automatically turning down or lowering on some Google Pixel devices, with no apparent explanation.

Google Pixel Volume Lowers Automatically

Currently, the volume control on some Google Pixel devices does not work correctly. There have been many reports since the June update, but there are similar reports after May.

In most cases, due to a bug, Google Pixel device volume is automatically reduced or lowered while users are enjoying multimedia content. Volume reduction is typically around 20%.

How to Fix Google Pixel Volume keeps going down?

This section provides several step-by-step instructions on fixing the Volume that keeps going down on your Google Pixel Android phone.

1. Turn Adaptive Sound Off

How to Fix Google Pixel Volume keeps going down

For some users, the problem goes away by turning off the ‘Adaptive Sound‘ option in the system settings. However, this option is only available for the Google Pixel 6 series.

2. Stop pressing the phone volume down button

Do not press the Volume down button

The most basic fixes should be discussed first. Do not press the Volume down button. You may have held your phone incorrectly and accidentally pressed a button. If you have earbuds with touchpads, you can lower the volume button this way.

3. Media Volume Limiter

Your phone’s volume protection feature may be the cause. The Volume may keep turning down without you realizing it. You’ll know this is the problem when you see a message that the Volume is too high and dangerous.

Fix Google Pixel Volume Lowers Automatically

You can disable this feature, but ask yourself if you should. After all, it protects the eardrum.

Here’s what to do:

  • Launch the Settings application
  • Go to Sounds & Vibrations
  • Choose a volume option
  • Select the three vertical dots in the right corner of the screen
  • Select Media Volume Limiter and set it to Off.

4. Change the headphones

If you’re experiencing Volume dropping issues by itself on your Google Pixel phones, it could be the headphones or the headphone jack, especially the headphone jack without controls. Make sure the headphones you use are compatible with your Pixel phone.

Due to electronic differences, your Android device might think it is receiving a volume-down signal. Also, make sure the headphones are of good quality for your device. Try connecting other headphones that work best and are compatible with your Google Pixel device.

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Too Loud Volume Protection on Android

Another cause of my Volume going down on my Android device is Android’s auto-protection feature for deafening volumes.

A message on your Android device’s screen states that too much Volume can damage your ears and cause hearing loss, so it is recommended that you turn down the Volume. You can ignore the warning, but some Android devices re-enable volume protection every 24 hours.

5. Turn Off the Do Not Disturb

If your Volume drops by itself, it also happens if you accidentally put your Android device into Do Not Disturb mode by pressing the Volume Up and Down buttons simultaneously.

In addition, complex cases, phone holders, or other objects in bags or pockets can press the volume buttons on your Android device. Remove things that may physically affect the device. Then go to Settings and turn off the Do Not Disturb option.

6. Uninstall recently installed themes

Some users have reported that after downloading and installing specific free themes on their Android devices, the issue of My Volume keeps dropping on their Android devices. To fix this, you need to remove the theme from your device. Download and install the new one on your Android device and check if the issue is resolved.

7. Restart your Google Pixel phone

If you are dealing with a minor error or glitch, a forced phone restart can help. If you’re wondering if this is similar to a regular reboot, it’s similar but more comprehensive.

Restart your Google Pixel phone

Press and hold the power button until the mobile restarts.


If still, your Google Pixel volume goes lowers automatically; you can try forced restarts or partition deletion will help when dealing with bugs and glitches. You can also go a step further and do a factory reset.

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